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120t/h asphalt mixing plant delivered to customers

120t/h asphalt mixing plant delivered to customers


In May, 2020, one set of 120t/h LB series asphalt mixing plant was delivered to customers. The stationary asphalt mixing equipment is widely used in roads, highways, airports constructions etc. Compared with mobile asphalt plants, LB series stationary asphalt plant is usually fixed on the construction site.

The asphalt mixing plant consists of cold aggregate supply system, drying and heating system, hot aggregate lifting system, mixing system, finished products storage system, electric control system etc. Besides, the asphalt plant has adopted large volume asphalt tank, which can ensure sufficient supplying. The asphalt tank has temperature monitor device, which can accurately control asphalt temperature.

Here are several pictures about the asphalt plant:

Our machinery has other types of asphalt plant, including mobile asphalt plant, asphalt mixing plant, hot mix asphalt plant, asphalt drum mixing plant, etc. Welcome to inquiry us if you need asphalt plant:

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