UNIQUE Group is a professional concrete mixing equipment manufacturers in China.

Concrete batching plant is a big project machine to produce ready mix concrete, which is used for construction site, such as building, road, bridges, sea port,air port and other sites.

The concrete batching plant generally can be divided into stationary plants and mobile plants. Stationary plants are usually used for large-scale commercial asphalt batching plant manufacturers or large-scale engineering construction, owning the features of big capacity and stable anti-interference. The mobile concrete batching plant is towed by a hauling truck, which makes the production more flexible. It generally uses for various small and medium-sized construction projects. And the concrete batching mixer is the heart of concrete batching plant and it plays an essential role in producing high quality concrete.

According to the application, the concrete batching plant is divided into commercial concrete batching plant and engineering concrete batching plant. The commercial plant is based on commercial purposes and should be efficient and economical. The engineering plant is often for self-use. The buyer should have a consideration that whether it is in accordance with the engineering.

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