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Adjustment of concrete batching plant

Adjustment of concrete batching plant


Mass of concrete mixing plant in our country are forced type efficient equipment, can produce plastic, harsh, and other concrete, high production efficiency, equipment widely used in large and medium-sized construction projects, road and bridge engineering as well as the production of concrete products , it is an ideal equipment in the production of commodity concrete.

Concrete batching plant equipment used in detail fine-tune the six points for attention

    1. Commercial concrete batching plant in the adjustment shall be conducted by professional operators;

    2. Concrete batching plant before the adjustment shall first check the power supply voltage, capacity meets the requirements, whether there is leakage, short circuit phenomenon, if there should be timely repair;

    3. Adjustment work also is equal to the maintenance station, concrete batching plant need to adjust the staff must be cleaning parts

    4. If the concrete batching plant with belt conveyor, when it running deviation during adjustment, try to stay away from the machine body

    5. When adjusted for power equipment must power

    6. In the gas path adjustment, in addition to the power must be inside the gas must be empty.

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