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Advantages Of diesel concrete mixer with pump

Advantages Of diesel concrete mixer with pump


Capacity: 30m3/h-40m3/h

Diesel concrete mixer with pump is combined by the traditional concrete pump and the mixer together, it is the most suitable for use in four to six floor buildings,especially in the group buildings, bridges, and the spread of small construction sits where need the concrete mixer at the scene.

Advantages Of concrete pump with mixer:

1. The concrete mixer pump combined two machines into a machine; move easily, strong and flexible maneuverability.

2. This concrete mixer and pump are operates by a worker only, it will save maintenance and labor costs.

3. PLC program control system, stable and reliable, longer life.

4. Feeding, mixing, flip and pumping are all controlled by hydraulic power, saving operation labor. High performance, high efficiency, high automation and high reliability.

5. The water pump adopts the electromagnetic clutch and a time relay control, automatically adding water according to water timer.

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