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Belt conveyor type concrete mixing plant installation steps

Belt conveyor type concrete mixing plant installation steps


Belt conveyor type concrete mixing plant installation steps

1.Connect well the four supporting stands and the chassis with pliers on the ground.

2.Sling the chassis (mixer has been installed on it) slowly, join with the bolts and fasten, install the ladder and the platform.

3.After the mixer frame is well installed, install the ladder, guardrails.

4.Hoist the temporary storage hopeper, the cement, water and additive weigting hopper above the mixer frame at right positions then fix them with bolts.

5.Assemble the parts of the cement silos on the ground according to the instruction firstly, then hoist up the cement silo to the right position, to bolt or wield the cement silo leg supports with the embded steel had casted in the concrete foundations, then install the butterfly valve on the cement silo bottom..

6.Install the screwing conveyor well on the ground, then hoist up the cement silo(around 30° incline). The discharging hole of the screwing conveyor should be connected with the feeding hole of the cement scale hopper correctly(the ball end can be adjusted). After adjusting the position, bolt the joint with the cement silo flange, then fasten the bolts, after the other end position fixed, wield a frame on the mixer frame to support the top end of the screw conveyor. The bottom end of the screw conveyor also need be fixed on the cement silo by wire rope or wielded frame.

7.Assemble the belt conveyor with frame on the groun, assemble the top frame with top supports, bottom frame with the botton supports, then hoist up the assembled belt conveyor according to the layout drawing sent, then fasten the joints, finally wield the supports with on the embed steel in the foundation.

8.Hoist up the under frame part of the aggregate supply system (with weighting device on) onto the foundation, connect and fasten by bolt joints after adjusting, install the aggregate warehouse brattice, build up ramp for aggregate charging.

9. Install air compressors and the pipeline separately.

10. Install the waterway.

11. Install liquid additive supply system.

12. Place the weighting load cells to each weighting hoppers.

13. Place the limitation switches.

14. Place the cables and wires to every parts and get the suitable length, the cable lenghth is up the the contrl cabine position. After cable placed, but fix the cable and place it according to the electric standard.

15. Connect various power lines, electromagnet valve control lines, sensor signal lines and discharging gate signal lines.

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