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Characteristics and operating of mobile concrete batching plant

Characteristics and operating of mobile concrete batching plant


UNIQUE Mobile concrete batching plant product main features:

1. Quick disassembling, mobile convenience

Except meet equipment such as screw conveyor, cement silo, mixing plant all connection does not need to be removed, only 30 tons crane to cooperate, can hurt a day shift.When installation, such as ground smooth solid, don't need to base, can be put in place the production in the day, the construction unit is very suitable for tight.

The plant is equipped with tires and traction pin to the trailer to drag allows a top speed of 60 km/hour.The total weight of all station equipment 23.5 tons, standing with the over all attachment removed at a time.

2. Good performance

With force and double shaft mixer, can achieve even mixing stir with the shortest time.For harsh, half dry rigid, plastic and all kinds of proportioning of concrete can achieve good agitation.

3. Configuration, high-grade, high reliability and measuring precision, convenient operation, mixing console reducer, measuring sensor, and the control system of main electrical components are imported components, not only greatly reduces the failure rate of equipment, and improve the measuring precision of the equipment.The machine adopts computer control, can also can manual operation, automatic operation is simple, easy to master.Dynamic panel displays, can clearly understand the operating condition of the parts, can be stored, printed reports data at the same time, provides great convenience for production scheduling management.

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