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Delivered one set HZS25 concrete plant to Bangladesh

Delivered one set HZS25 concrete plant to Bangladesh


Dated 10th August, 2020. We delivered out one set HZS25 concrete plant to Bangladesh.

The concrete mixing plant with JS500 concrete mixer, 3 hoppers aggregate batcher and auto control system. Shipment will be done soon and when container arrived destination, we will assign engineer to guide the installation.

The heart of the concrete batching plant is the mixer, and there are many types of mixers such as Tilt Drum, Pan, Planetary, Single Shaft and Twin shaft mixer. 

The twin shaft mixer can ensure an even mixture of concrete through the use of high horsepower motors, while the tilt mixer offers a consistent mix with much less maintenance labor and cost.  

Conveyors are typically between 24-48 inches wide and carry aggregate from the ground hopper to the aggregate bin, as well as from the aggregate batcher to the charge chute.

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