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Description of Unique JS500 Concrete Mixer

Description of Unique JS500 Concrete Mixer


Description of Unique JS500 Concrete Mixer:

JS series concrete mixer is twin shaft forced type concrete mixer, this machine has the double superiority: stand-alone work and with PLD series concrete batching machine composed simple type concrete mixing plant, also can provide supporting host for concrete mixing plant, applies to all kinds of large, middle, and small prefabricated units factory and the highway, the bridge, the water conservancy, the wharf and so on industrial and the civil construction engineering, can mixing dry concrete, plastic concrete, liquidity concrete, light aggregate concrete and the various mortar, is a efficient model, application very broad.

Features of Unique JS500 Concrete Mixer:

1. Special drum makes wire rope working life longer;

2. Adopt international brand-name limit switch;

3. Accurate machining parts;

4.High quality wear-resistant alloy liner, advanced production technology to ensure the clearance uniformity between mixing blades and liners;


Technical Specification of Unique JS500 Concrete Mixer:

Model: JS500

Discharge volume: 500L

Charging volume: 800L

Theoretical capacity: ≥25m3

Aggregate sizes: ≤60/80mm

Working circle: 60s

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