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Five reasons for choosing HZS90 concrete mixing plant

Five reasons for choosing HZS90 concrete mixing plant


Five reasons for choosing HZS90 concrete batching plant:

1. Adopts JS1500 concrete mixer, which has strong mixing capacity, uniform and rapid mixing, high productivity, service life of more than 50,000 cans, full coverage of the concrete labels that can be produced, boiling mixing, and excellent performance.

2. The aggregate batching adopts the PLD2400 concrete batching machine, the loader is used to load the material, and the aggregate metering scale is selected. The time is short, the error value is small, the measurement accuracy is high, the reliability is high, and the safety performance is good. There is an aggregate storage hopper above the mixing tank, which can store a pot of aggregate for later use.

3. The entire batching, mixing, and unloading process is fully controlled by the electronic control system. The control system can be switched between automatic, semi-automatic and manual control and the three working modes without disturbance. The work is safe and reliable, and the control room is insulated and soundproof. The effect is good, there is air conditioning, and the whole set of concrete mixing plant is cost-effective.

4. All-round three-dimensional spraying system, cleaning, high efficiency and low consumption; open material door design, high pressure drive, rapid discharge.

The whole set of equipment adopts a combined structure, which is very convenient for installation and relocation.

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