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HBT60R Diesel Concrete Pump Successfully Shipped to Ghana

HBT60R Diesel Concrete Pump Successfully Shipped to Ghana


On the last day of June 2024,, we completed the loading of the HBT60R diesel model concrete pump, went to Qingdao Port in China and shipping it to the Accra Port in Ghana.

HBT60R concrete pump can pump 60m³ of concrete per hour. It is equipped with an 82kw diesel engine, and all components of the machine are internationally renowned brands, which makes our machine high-quality and stable in performance.

The emergence of concrete pumps solves a major problem in the construction industry, that is, how to transport concrete to high-rise buildings up to 50M or even 100M. For this reason, our machines are favored by customers from all over the world. I hope UNIUQE GROUP can contribute to the development of the world's construction industry.

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