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How Does The Concrete Mixer With Pump Work?

How Does The Concrete Mixer With Pump Work?


The concrete mixer with pump combines the functions of a concrete mixer and a concrete pump into one machine. The concrete mixer is used to mix the raw materials to create the concrete mixture, while the concrete pump is used to pump the concrete to the desired location. This versatile and efficient combination saves time and labor on your construction site.

The working principle of the concrete mixer with pump is relatively simple. The machine combines a hydraulic concrete pump system with a concrete mixer system. First, the concrete ingredients are loaded into the mixer drum. Then, the concrete mixer system is responsible for creating a homogeneous concrete mixture by mixing the raw materials such as cement, sand, and gravel. Once the concrete is well mixed, the hydraulic concrete pump system powers the concrete pump, which transports the concrete from the concrete mixer to the desired location.  The concrete mixer with pump enables accurate placement of concrete, even in challenging locations.

The concrete mixer with pump is operated by a single engine, which powers both the mixing and pumping functions. It is eliminating the need for separate equipment and reducing the overall cost of operation. The concrete mixer with pump can fully meet the concrete pouring requirements of various construction sites: house floors, sloping roofs, factory floors, railway bridges, water conservancy dams, and highway construction. The equipment is designed to be easily transported from one site to another, making it a convenient and portable solution for all concrete needs.

In addition to its functionality, the concrete mixer with pump is also easy to operate and maintain. Equipped with user-friendly controls and a simple design, it is accessible for operators of all levels of experience. 

Overall, the concrete mixer with pump is a cost-effective, time-saving, and versatile solution for all concrete mixing and pumping needs. Give us a call today to learn more about how our concrete mixer with pump can benefit your construction projects.

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