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How to choose a concrete pump and concrete mixer?

How to choose a concrete pump and concrete mixer?


Concrete mixer pump and concrete mixer are two important equipment commonly seen in construction projects. They each undertake different tasks and functions, which help to improve the progress of the project and ensure the quality of construction.

The main function of the concrete pump is to efficiently transport concrete to the specific location where it is needed, thereby reducing waste and improving construction efficiency. According to the specific use and design, concrete pumps are mainly divided into two types:

Concrete trailer pump

The mixed concrete is pumped directly from the mixer or mixing plant to the location where it needs to be poured through the pumping system. It has a processing capacity of 20m³/h to 120m³/h, a maximum horizontal pumping distance of 900m, and a maximum vertical pumping distance of 220m. Concrete trailer pumps are usually equipped with hundreds of meters of delivery pipelines, which are suitable for projects that require long distances or vertical heights. Large quantities of concrete are transported, such as high-rise buildings, bridges and tunnels.

Concrete mixer pump

In addition to the concrete pumping function, it also integrates concrete mixing capabilities. It is able to mix cement, sand, gravel and water using a mixing drum, and then pump concrete through a pumping system to ensure that the concrete remains uniform and fluid before being transported to the destination. The concrete mixing pump has a processing capacity of 15m³/h to 40m³/h, with a maximum horizontal pumping distance of 320m and a maximum vertical pumping distance of 130m. This equipment is particularly suitable for small construction sites and residential buildings that require frequent movement and efficient concrete mixing.

The main advantage of concrete pumps is that they can accurately control the delivery volume and location of concrete, thereby reducing waste and labor costs and improving work efficiency.

Concrete mixer

On the other hand, concrete mixers are used to mix concrete on site and make instant adjustments according to specific construction needs. This simple and flexible equipment is suitable for self-use and can transport concrete to buildings up to 60 meters. Its main advantage is to ensure the accuracy and consistency of concrete ingredients, thereby improving the strength and durability of concrete and reducing uncertainties in construction.

In summary, concrete pumps optimize the efficiency and precision of the construction process by quickly and accurately delivering concrete to specific locations on the construction site; while concrete mixers ensure the precise proportions of concrete ingredients. When choosing appropriate equipment, reasonable choices should be made based on specific needs and construction scenarios to ensure the smooth progress of construction quality and project progress.

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