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How to protect the concrete mixing plant from the summer rains ?

How to protect the concrete mixing plant from the summer rains ?


How to protect the concrete mixing plant from the summer rains ?
1, watch the weather forecast in advance, prepare all departments, ensure that work together to coordinate, to ensure that each work running orderly.
2, on duty scheduling is heavy rain timely communication with site consultation to do a good job of handling the scene, and a tour of the silos and caigang watts are in good condition, whether there is leakage totally cozy everywhere.
3, the shift quality watch every plate of concrete slump, workability, and so on and so forth, waiting in line to pick up the ash concrete tank car to the front of the discharging mouth followed by ash water again, and check the delivery vehicle of the hopper and fashion good rain wear.
4, mixing the driver pay attention to the observation on the monitor to bin if there is a leak rain, feeding on application of inclined belt in the process of change, the changes of the machine concrete slump.
5, check concrete mixing station lightning protection equipment safety personnel in a timely manner.
6, webmaster to scan the concrete mixing station in time and check the operation condition of mechanical, individual, stick to jobs.

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