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HZS120 concrete mixing plant equipment will be shipped to the Philippines soon

HZS120 concrete mixing plant equipment will be shipped to the Philippines soon


Zhengzhou Unique Group recently produced a new set of HZS120 concrete mixing plant. After strict quality inspection and testing, this set of HZS120 concrete mixing plant is ready to be shipped to the customer site in the Philippines.

This set of concrete mixing plant equipment was customized according to the needs of a customer from the Philippines. After the customer's on-site inspection, he chose to order this set of HZS120 concrete mixing plant equipment from Zhengzhou Unique Group. Equipment includes JS2000 forced twin-shaft concrete mixer, PLD3200 concrete batching machine, advanced control system, large-capacity cement silo, etc. These equipment not only have efficient production capacity, but also ensure the quality and reliability of concrete. They also have a long service life and complete after-sales service guarantee.

The HZS120 concrete mixing plant is about to be shipped, and our after-sales team is fully prepared. They will quickly set off to the customer site in the Philippines to ensure that the equipment reaches its destination smoothly. Once the equipment arrives, our after-sales personnel will be fully involved in the installation and commissioning work to ensure that the HZS120 concrete mixing plant can be put into operation quickly. Our goal is to provide customers with a first-class service experience so that they can enjoy the production benefits brought by the equipment as soon as possible.

Zhengzhou Unique Group has been committed to developing and producing high-quality concrete mixing equipment to meet the growing needs of customers. We focus on technological innovation and quality management, and constantly optimize product structure and production processes. At the same time, we also value communication and cooperation with customers, listen to their needs and feedback, and continuously improve and enhance our products and service levels.

Zhengzhou Unique Group will continue to adhere to the purpose of "quality first, customer first", continue to innovate and make progress, create greater value for customers, and contribute to the development of China's manufacturing industry.

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