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Improve the productivity of the concrete mixing plant five ways

Improve the productivity of the concrete mixing plant five ways


1, according to the production capacity of civil commercial concrete batching plant, and finished goods transport distance, track and road conditions, equipped with a sufficient number of trucks, generally by the productivity need to 1.2 times the number of prepared;
2 and the influencing factors of concrete mixer equipment productivity, mixing time and utilization coefficient is in addition to the influence of asphalt concrete mixing equipment production and direct factors. There are many related factors, such as the production organization, equipment management and operation quality, etc., including the technology conditions of the equipment operation, raw materials and transport vehicles huai prepared has obvious effect to guarantee and improve productivity;
3, to strengthen the commercial concrete mixing plant equipment maintenance management, ensure the equipment in good technical status, and meet the requirements of the national environmental law, establish strict maintenance detection system and prevention measures, achieve the timely repair;
4, in order not to equipment downtime due to special reasons to make commodity concrete mixing station and should have enough capacity of finished product storage;
5, to sampling inspection for raw materials, different specifications of the aggregate (including powder) to pile respectively, and dust rain. Asphalt heating time, maintain a certain temperature. Aggregate storage capacity for the use of more than 5 times a day, powder and asphalt storage and the dosage of more than 2 times a day.

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