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JBS40 concrete mixing pump sent to the Sierra Leone

JBS40 concrete mixing pump sent to the Sierra Leone


The concrete mixing pump purchased by Sierra Leone customers from Zhengzhou Unique Group will be shipped on February 27, 2024.


A customer in the Sierra Leone purchased a JBS40-10-84R concrete mixing pump. The concrete mixing pump is composed of a concrete mixer and a concrete pump, which can complete the mixing and delivery of concrete at the same time.

The concrete mixing pump has the characteristics of uniform mixing, convenient transportation and high work efficiency. It can be widely used in construction sites, road construction, bridge construction and other projects. At the construction site, the concrete mixing pump can directly transport concrete to where it needs to be used, greatly reducing labor and time costs and improving construction efficiency.


In addition, concrete mixing pumps also have the advantages of high flexibility and easy operation, and are suitable for various complex engineering environments. It is one of the indispensable and important equipment in the modern construction process. It has been purchased by many construction companies and engineering contractors, and has also been repurchased by many old customers.


We have our own equipment manufacturing factory. If you need some concrete mixing equipment, you are welcome to come to Zhengzhou Unique Group's factory to inspect and test the machine.

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