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LB2000 Asphalt Mixing Plant Used in Russia

LB2000 Asphalt Mixing Plant Used in Russia


The installation and commissioning of LB2000 equipment takes a short time. The asphalt mixture produced meets the customer's formula and quality requirements, and is highly praised by Russian customers. This set of equipment is customized according to customer needs and adopts a non-foundation steel structure design, which is easy and fast to install; all components are modular design, which simplifies installation difficulty and further reduces installation time; uses quick plugs to quickly install and save time.

LB2000 asphalt mixing plant has a large floor area and a large finished product silo; the total height of the equipment is low, and the tonnage of the crane is required to be small during installation.

It is suitable for large sites, large amounts of finished materials to be stored, general transportation vehicles, and frequent relocation. The construction site is very suitable for the local needs of Russia.

According to the customer, the LB2000 asphalt mixing plant of Unique Group can produce up to 160 tons/hour. Since it was put into operation, it has produced 40,000 tons of asphalt mixture without any failure. The finished products are mainly used for municipal road projects. Unique Group's asphalt mixing equipment has excellently helped Kazan customers complete various production tasks, and its high stability and low failure rate have won customers' recognition.

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