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Main Features of Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

Main Features of Mobile Concrete Batching Plants


Mobile concrete batching plant currently consists of modular and hauling two types. The chassis of modular mobile concrete mixing plant contains a complete set of front and rear axle; the chassis of hauling mobile concrete mixing plant only has the rear axle, front mounted saddle bridge of motor tractor.

1. Easy dismounting and movement

During transitions: addition to the screw conveyors and cement silo, the entire concrete mixing plant can move when the front end down, others such as booster packs, all control cables do not need to remove. Detach the attachment can be taken away.

Mobile concrete mixing plant equipped with tires, towing pins, traffic signal devices, braking systems, trailer dragging allows the maximum speed of 50 km/h.

Installation: flat hardened ground; disassembling need 30 ton crane to cooperate.

Storage: If the device is standing off, keep the transportation.

2. Other performance and operation, principles are the same with stationary concrete batching plants-HZS concrete mixing plant.

3. The mobile concrete mixing plant all parts within a transport unit overall dimensions are smaller than the container size requirements, the entire station transport three 40-foot containers.

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