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PLD1600 Four Warehouses of Concrete Batching Machine

PLD1600 Four Warehouses of Concrete Batching Machine


Years of walking in the concrete mixing plant industry knows that concrete batching machines also known as aggregate batching machine, based on ingredients of concrete mix aggregate include sand and stones, generally at least two silos through pneumatic cylinder control bunker door switch in order to achieve the effect of ingredients.

Below to learn the most basic common sense and features about the PLD1600 four warehouses of concrete batching machine:

Weighing bucket capacity is 1600L, and the storage hopper capacity of 5 cubic meter, productivity is 75 cubic meters per hour, ingredients accuracy of ± 2%;

Maximum capacity value is 3000Kg and kinds of ingredients are 2-5 species. This concrete batching machine may also weigh 4 types of aggregate, measurement time is short, high efficiency;

The head of belt conveyor is equipped with gauge cover, effectively prevent spilled material, rear with screw tensioning device may at any time adjust the belt tension and convenient;

In the side walls of the silo and sand scales, both are equipped with vibrators, conducive to quickly weigh and fast discharge rough and fine weighing, weighing precision, high performance load cell, weighing accuracy, stability;

Rational overall structure, better rigidity and beautiful appearance;

Smooth delivery, ensure normal feeding,

PLD16000 four warehouses of concrete batching machine are ideal for concrete mixing plant batching equipment.

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