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Shipment of the self loading concrete mixer truck to Africa

Shipment of the self loading concrete mixer truck to Africa


27th July, we loadted one sets concrete truck mixer to Africa, the mixer capacity 3.5cbm, the goods will reach client’s site in next month.

Self-loading concrete mixer truck, it can be self-loading aggregate, because it has a bucket, which can load and unload by with its hopper. Therefore, in addition to the name of self-loading concrete mixer truck, it also is called a self-loading and unloading concrete mixer truck, and its function is very powerful. One machine achieves multiple functions, and only needs one driver. And the cab is equipped with air conditioning.

As one of the concrete equipment, the self-loading concrete mixer truck can be used in all places where concrete is required, but because of its small production capacity, it is more suitable for projects with a small number of engineerings, such as road construction, factory building, and civil housing construction. We have the mixer with different capacity such as 1.2cbm, 2cbm, 2.6cbm, 3.5cbm, 4cbm, 5.5cbm and 6cbm.

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