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Site choice for stabilized soil mixing plant

Site choice for stabilized soil mixing plant


Stabilized soil mixing plant are widely used for road construction now, some customer have questions of the site requirement of plant, we have the suggestions as follows:

( 1 ) equipment to choose in an open place, in order to shorten the feeding period loaders . It also ensures that the finished material transport vehicles to turn around a convenient, smooth powerful and noninterference in each other.

( 2 ) When precast foundation , to ensure that each of its flatness and size requirements , so that the device is securely installed , lap reasonable. Since the foundation of good or bad quality will affect the normal work and the use of quality equipment.

( 3 ) Depending on the configuration size of the venue, stacking cases and loaders raw materials to determine the ingredients on the feed side of the unit .

( 4 ) To facilitate the loader feeding, feeding on the side of the unit should be set up feed ingredients slope pier, and ingredients among its crew should be able to keep a channel free access visits to inspect the device and running , maintenance and maintenance. Meanwhile, in between feeding and dosing unit should slope pier erection of protective fencing to avoid the material spilled material loaders after accumulation, adversely affect the normal operation of the aggregate belt conveyor.

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