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The main components and advantages of asphalt mixing plant

The main components and advantages of asphalt mixing plant


LB Series of asphalt mixing plant is ideal construction equipment used for manufacturing asphalt that is mainly applied in highway road construction and other civil construction.

Main components: Aggregate supplying system; Drying system; Aggregates elevating system; Screening system; Weighing system; Mixing system; Finished product storage system; Dust collecting system and Control system.

Advantages of asphalt mixing plant:

1.Overall layout and compact structure, covering an area of small, easy to install and transitions

2.Cold aggregate feeder, mixing, finished product bin, filter, asphalt tank are integrated modular for easy transportation and installation.

3.Drying cylinder shaped blade structure, help to form the ideal shade, to take full advantage of the heat energy, reducing fuel consumption. Using imported combustion equipment, heat efficiency is high

4.Complete machine adopts electronic metering, accurate measurement

5.Electric control system adopts imported electric appliances component, can be programmed and controlled individually and can be controlled by microcomputer

6.Key parts of machine equipment configuration for gearboxes, bearings and burners, pneumatic components, dust bag and other imported items, and fully guarantee the reliability of equipment operation.

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