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The working flow of the brick-free machine

The working flow of the brick-free machine


The working flow of the brick-free machine:

1. The loader pours various raw materials for making non-burning bricks into the batching machine.

2. Set the recipe on the computer and proportion the ingredients.

3. Load the prepared raw materials and unload them into the mixer lifting bucket.

4. Raise the hopper to the top and discharge the material into the mixer (water and cement are processed at the same time)

5. After the mixing is completed, the discharge door hopper of the mixer opens and the material is transported to the storage hopper of the main brick machine through the belt conveyor. The belt conveyor below the storage hopper transports the material into the distributing machine.

6. After the mold of the no-fire brick machine is reset, the distributor moves forward and the material is forced into the mold box.

7. The cloth machine returns, the press head presses down and vibrates.

8. Raise the lower mold until all the bricks are exposed

9. The plate machine of the unloading machine automatically runs to the fully automatic palletizer.

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