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Wave-dissipating concrete block mold

Wave-dissipating concrete block mold

Steel moulds for the construction of stone blocks. A project outside conventional structures, based on large steel molds whose interior is covered with concrete in order to be used as a breakwater and dissipate wave energy. An efficient tool applied in the maritime industry. Each mold has a square base with a large protrusion on each of its faces, which gives it the characteristic prismatic shape of this element.

Breakwater concrete mould

Breakwater concrete mould is a franstructure used for break coastal waves in order to reduce the occurrence of coastal abrasion.

As a manufacture of concrete mold, we are also produce a variety of breakwaters mold. The molds we produce are made of steel which of couse has guaranted quality according to the designand size requested by the customer,such as Tetrapod concrete mould, Accropode concrete mold, KOLOS mold, Xbloc mold, Dolos mold and other seawalls.

Apart from breakwater, we are also produce any various concrete mold they are widely used by local and global companies.


Name Tetrapod concrete mould
No. Weight /T Weight/KN Volume
0.5 0.46 4.51 0.2
2.0 1.84 18.04 0.8
3.2 2.88 28.24 1.25
Material: Steel, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, with a wide range of applications.
Size/Shape: Can be customized according to customer requirements
Application: breakwater, Highways, railways, bridge guardrails, river slope protection, etc.
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