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What are the types of concrete mixers

What are the types of concrete mixers


According to the nature of the work of the intermittent (batch) and continuous; according to the principle of mixing sub-fall and mandatory; according to the installation of sub-fixed and mobile; by feeding the way tilting and non-tilting; According to the form of mixing tube structure pear, drum type, double cone, disc vertical axis and round slot horizontal axis type.

1, according to the nature of work:

(1) cyclical working mixer;

(2) continuous working mixer.

2, according to mixing principle points:

(1) self-falling mixer;

(2) forced mixer.

3, according to mixing barrel shape points:

(1) drum type;

(2) cone type;

(3) disc type.

In addition, the concrete mixer is also divided into split-cylinder and round slot (ie, horizontal axis) mixer.

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