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What is concrete self loading mixer truck?

What is concrete self loading mixer truck?


What is concrete self loading mixer truck?

Self-loading concrete mixer truck is a unique machine specially designed for batching, mixing and transporting concrete. They consist of rotating drums mounted on an operator-driven cab-mounted chassis frame equipped with a loading bucket.


The operator of a self-loading concrete mixer uses a hopper to batch and introduce the ingredients required for concrete (cement, stone aggregate, etc.) mixing into the drum. Drums are usually reversible, inclined or a combination of both. A predetermined volume of water is discharged into the drum through the water distribution unit. The mixture is rotated at mixing speed inside the drum until the concrete is discharged through the installed chute.


Self-loading concrete mixer trucks are suitable for construction sites without concrete mixing plants, where underground conditions are not suitable for concrete transport mixer trucks, or where labor is scarce or limited. Application fields include urban and rural construction, concrete pavement maintenance, bridge and tunnel construction, township road construction, foundation construction, national defense facility construction, high-speed rail construction, etc.

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