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YHZS series mobile concrete mixing plant introduction

YHZS series mobile concrete mixing plant introduction


UNIQUE's YHZS series mobile concrete mixing plant is a new trailer can move cement concrete mixing station. Best models are widely used in the construction of highways, railways, construction, municipal, bridges, ports, utilities and other needs to move often.

Mobile concrete batching plant advantage

Mobile mixing station designed to absorb the introduction of a number of new technologies abroad, accurate and reliable weighing, stir efficient, fast delivery, can mix many different processes of dry, semi-dry, plastic concrete, easy to operate, easy transition and high reliability.

Mobile concrete mixing plant mixer

JS series mixing console using twin-shaft compulsory mixer, the new mixing console, using the new spiral blade arrangement, mixing time is short, and mix well. For dry rigid, semi-rigid, plastic concrete, have reached excellent stirring effect, to meet different application requirements.

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