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Advantages of JS series concrete mixer

Advantages of JS series concrete mixer


Advantages of JS series concrete mixer

1. The mixer has a double-layer seal on the shaft end to avoid leakage of the inner material when the mixer is working, and to prevent dust from entering.

2. The mixer is sprayed with primer, anti-rust paint and top coat in three layers to prevent moisture and rust, thereby prolonging the life of the machine.

3. Before the mixer is painted, it will use a sandblasting machine to remove oil, rust, dust, etc. to ensure a better painting effect.

4. The bottom frame of the mixer is supported by a non-slip bottom plate, which is convenient and safe for workers to maintain.

5. The double-horizontal shafts of the mixer use the boring machine technology to ensure that the two shafts are on the same horizontal plane, and the two shaft ends of the same shaft are on a concentric circle, so as to avoid the collision of the mixing arms during work, thereby prolonging the service life of the machine .

6. The inner wall of the mixer barrel is inlaid with a high-manganese alloy liner, which is made by UNIQUE and can be disassembled for easy installation of a new liner. The high-manganese alloy has the characteristics of high hardness and wear resistance, so the inner wall of the mixer is more durable. At the same time, the mixing blades of the mixer are also made of high-strength alloy materials, which can withstand hard aggregates and make the blades more durable.

7. Carbon dioxide protection welding is used to make the welding strength higher, less welding slag, more beautiful and durable.

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