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Ready mixed mortar mixing plant

Ready mixed mortar mixing plant


Ready-mixed mortar is a commercially available mortar produced by a factory from a specialized view, all raw materials mixed according to fixed ratios. According to the availability of water for mixing, there are two major types of mortar: dry mortar (or dry mortar, dry mixing mortar, dry powdered mortar) and wet mixing mortar (or wet mortar).

Dry mortar is made up of cementitious materials (cement, pulverized coal ash and slag powder, etc.), fine aggregates graded according to certain requirements (types are selected according to the situation, commonly used are silica sand, corundum sand, fine aggregates can be selected from ceramic granules, expanded pearlite, glass beads, expanded polyphenylene particles), additives (polymer latex powder, fibrous ether water-retaining agent, concrete conditioner), additives (paints, fibers, etc.), fillers and other solid materials in accordance with a certain mixing ratio, mixed homogeneously, and so on. Semi-finished mortar made of additives (pigments, fibers, etc.), fillers and other solid materials according to a certain mixing ratio, without mixing water. Dry-mixed sand is used for masonry, plastering or other purposes by mixing with a certain amount of water at the construction site. Wet-mixed mortar is a final product with a certain workability that is produced by mixing the various raw materials of the mortar at the factory and adding water to the mortar. The finished mortar is transported to the construction site by professional transportation equipment and used directly.

Dry mortar aggregate drying can generally choose the three return sand dryer, mixing system can choose the dry mortar production line with double shaft non-gravity mixer as the host.

In the past 25 year, UNIQUE had engaged in this motor mixing field and our products exported to all over the world.

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