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Bag house dust collector/ bag filter for asphalt mixing plant

Bag house dust collector/ bag filter for asphalt mixing plant


The Bengal customer need a high quality Bag house dust collector suited their asphalt mixing plant.

Unique Group Bag house dust collectors can achieve a collection efficiency of more than 99% for very fine particles. This is due to dust particles loading on the filtration media, helping to block other particles as they approach in the air stream.


1.Increasing the pressure difference on both ends, improving the through capacity of thermal, improve the heating; lower emission concentration, which meets the national environmental requirements.

2.The system is consisted of primary dust collecting system and secondary dust collecting system. Primary collecting system is for larger dust particles, reducing the pressure of secondary collecting system and extending the working life.

3.The secondary dust collecting system collects the dust again and lower the dust emission concentration, which effectively improving the environmental requirements. The emission concentration is no more than 20mg/Nm3.

4.The bag adopts high efficiency filter materials produced. And the wear and tear is low and the working life is long.

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