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Common problems and solutions of asphalt mixing plant

Common problems and solutions of asphalt mixing plant


Asphalt mixing plant is a device with many advantages for the production of asphalt concrete, but there will still be some failures in the process of use. The following briefly describes the common problems of asphalt mixing plant and the corresponding solutions.

One of the more common failures of asphalt mixing plants is the failure of the cold material feeding device, also called the problem of variable speed belt shutdown. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the cold hopper contains too few raw materials, so that the loader is loading. When the impact on the belt is too large, the cold feed device will stop working due to overload. The solution to this problem is to ensure that the number of memory materials in the feeding device is sufficient.

The failure of the concrete mixer of the asphalt plant is also one of the common problems. Generally speaking, the abnormal noise of the machine is caused by overloaded work. The solution to this problem is to check regularly to confirm whether there is a problem. If so, then the fixed bearing needs to be replaced.

It is also common for the screen to have problems during the work of the asphalt mixing plant. For the screen, due to the excessive proportion of the mixture of oil and stone during the work, there will be oil cakes on the road surface after paving and rolling. The main reason for this problem is that the holes of the screen are relatively large, so it is said that the screen device should be checked for reasonableness at this time.

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