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Concrete Mixer Machine Working Voltage Considerations

Concrete Mixer Machine Working Voltage Considerations


Concrete Mixer Machine Working Voltage Considerations

(1)Concrete mixer motor in normal operation, the temperature rise does not exceed allowable limits.

(2) Monitor concrete mixer motor load current. Electric currents will soar if motor breaks down, enables motor overheating. Larger power concrete mixer motor is equipped with an ammeter to monitor load current of the motor. Motor load current should not exceed the rated current under the nameplate value.

(3) Monitors supply voltages. Frequency change and voltage unbalance, supply voltage and frequency is too high or too low, the current unbalance of three-phase voltage imbalance can cause motor overheating or other irregularities.

(4) Attention to smell, vibration and noise of concrete mixer motor. Smell the unusual smell coming in the run or unusual vibration or impact-rubbing, mega-buzz or when another igloo, immediate blackout should be checked.

(5) Regular check the bearing lubrication, changes oil on a regular basis. During to change the oil, should clean bearings and bearing cover with kerosene, then wash with the gasoline. The grease of rolling bearings should not be more than 70% of bearing housing volume.

(6) Pay attention to keep the motor clean. Do not allow water, oil, and debris falling concrete mixer motor internal. Concrete mixer motor air inlet and outlet must be kept clear.

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