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HZS180 concrete mixing plant installation at site

HZS180 concrete mixing plant installation at site


The HZS180 concrete mixing plant equipped with 3cbm concrete mixer, belt conveyor feeding, 4 hopper aggregate batcher, cement silos, weighting system and fully automatic control system, the features of the concrete mixing plant as follows:

1. With famous brand concrete mixer, automatic discharge system, auto lubrication ssytem, heavy duty frame with long lifetime.

2. Concrete above with temporary storage hopper using wearable technology design, durability, life is more than five times before, and does not damage the machine body;

3. Weighting hopper with anti-leakage technology to ensure the precision and safety of concrete production;

4. With modular design, it can be made to freed condition type to save the civil works and labor works.

5. The control system is simple, reliable, with up scales, buckle scale, continuous production, a number of features intelligent alarm.

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