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Concrete Mixing and Pumping Machine

Concrete Mixing and Pumping Machine


The integrated mixing and pumping machine is specially developed to improve the overall efficiency of on-site self-mixing concrete. This equipment is a conveying equipment that combines mixing and pumping, which reduces cost pressure and cumbersome operating procedures for customers, making their operations simpler, more convenient, and more automated.

The integrated mixing and pumping machine adopts a fully hydraulic double-cylinder pumping system, which greatly improves the overall reliability of the machine. It has many advantages such as compact, reasonable structure, stable operation, energy saving and environmental protection, long transportation distance, convenient movement, convenient maintenance, and low cost of use.

Its main components:

1. Drum mixer

2. Fine stone mortar pump

The integrated mixing and pumping machine can mix fine stone concrete containing three materials: gravel, sand, and cement. It can also be used to mix mortar. It can also add a fourth material such as fly ash as needed, and is suitable for on-site mixing at construction sites.

Performance: This machine is suitable for mixing various fine aggregate concrete and mortar, and can improve the efficiency of the entire system by ensuring that the amount of sand, stones, cement, and other additives meets the specified requirements.

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