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Things to note when driving a backhoe:

Things to note when driving a backhoe:


Things to note when driving a backhoe:

1. Before starting, check whether each gear is in neutral position. After starting, after the engine runs for a period of time, check whether each instrument is in the normal range.

2. Develop a good habit of routine maintenance, regularly check whether all parts of the backhoe are normal, and replace them in time. Generally, an important inspection and maintenance is performed after every 200 hours of operation.

3. Make a circuit before driving to observe whether there are any obstacles or dangerous objects around the vehicle body, and clean them or go around them in time.

4. When the backhoe excavator is working, no one other than the driver is allowed on board. The space inside the vehicle is limited to prevent misoperation.

5. If the soil in the construction area is too strong, it is prohibited for the backhoe loader to dig hard to prevent damage to machine parts.

6. Before starting excavation work, lower the wing-type outriggers to stabilize the vehicle body. Rotate the seat and retract the legs and excavator arm in time when using the forklift function.

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