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Control system of concrete mixing plant

Control system of concrete mixing plant


The concrete mixing plant produced by Unique Group adopts the double control mode. The control system is consisted with two high performance industrial computers, one is working as the main control production system and another is working as the management and monitoring system( also is the backup machine for the main production control machine). It adopts the special batching control instruments and as the main control system of the commercial batching plant, it has the manual and automatic function.

Industrial computers through the external sampling, after calculation, comparison, processing, output control external drive components, so as to achieve the real mixing plant (station) computer control. Management and monitoring computer system as a standby system of the whole electronic control system, if there is problems on the main computer, the user can choose the backup machine system.

The electronic control system of the concrete mixing plant can ensure the normal operation of the machine in any time, it will not affect your production. The system has the function of printing daily and monthly report of the statistics production, online testing and monitoring. At the same time, it has the help and fault diagnosis system to guide the user maintenance.

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