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Engineers after sales service in Bangladesh for asphalt mixing plant

Engineers after sales service in Bangladesh for asphalt mixing plant


On January 2020, our after sales engineers team still in Bangladesh helping our client to do the commissioning of the asphalt mixing plant, which is located in middle of the Bangladesh.

The plant is the fifth asphalt mixing plant which had installed in Bangladesh.

Outside temperature reach 35 celsius degree in Bangladesh, but to do the checking of the drying drum, our engineer go inside personally, just a while, sweat comes out on engineers face as the temperature in the drying drum reach over 40 celsius degree. This is the hardworking spirit of our after sales team.       

After three days work, the asphalt plant is working well now.              

In fact, our workers in China had started the Chinese Spring Festival holiday already, but as client urgent requiring us to been there as the urgent requirement of the asphalt for their new project, they do the work fastly no matter day and night, so no affect the reunion with their family.

The next days of their flight back is the Chinses Spring Festival.

Providing the heavy machinery, we not only provide the high quality product, but also the promptly after sales services. Thus over 6 sets asphalt plant and over 20 sets concrete plant had been installed in Bangladesh.

If you have requirement of the construction equipment, please inquiry us freely at anytime. 

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