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JG320 concrete mixer with ladder was delivered to Kenya

JG320 concrete mixer with ladder was delivered to Kenya


Concrete mixer with ladder JG320 was delivery to Kenya this week. These mixers are very popular in Africa.

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JG series mixer is a mixer with mixing, lifting and self-falling. Forward rotation and reverse discharge. The conical stirring of the gear in the middle of the drum not only improves the stability of the body in working style, but also the stirring is even and the stirring speed is fast.
This machine can lift the concrete in the lifting hopper to floors of different heights through lifting devices and ladder frame sections and slides of different lengths. The total length of the standard ladder section equipped with this machine is 14.5 meters. Can be reinforced and heightened according to customer needs.
Simple assembly, one assembly can be used for a long time, the cost of installing a crane can be saved, and it is suitable for medium and high-rise buildings.
The machine is equipped with a spring shock absorbing device. During the movement, it reduces the intensity of vibration, reduces the maintenance cost of the mixer, increases the transportation speed, reduces tire wear and machine consumption.

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