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How to avoid small concrete batching plant problems

How to avoid small concrete batching plant problems


How to avoid small concrete batching plant problems

If the concrete mixing plant is used for a long time, it will inevitably lead to some problems. Here is how we can avoid them.

1. If you want to maintain the motor carefully, the motor is in continuous operation. Routine maintenance is very important: When the motor is working, pay attention to the working environment, and don't be in a too bumpy state to prevent the motor from being damaged or reducing the service life. Also check the appearance, whether the fan is working properly, whether there is abnormal vibration, whether the coupling is reliable, whether the base is fastened, whether the bearing is working properly (listen to the sound), whether the temperature is normal (infrared thermometer), and whether the current is Normal (clamp ammeter), in addition to winding motor must also check the carbon brush and slip ring. If there is an abnormality in one area, it is necessary to carry out motor repairs as soon as possible. Otherwise, after the situation becomes serious, it cannot be handled by yourself.

2. Considerations for the operator's skill requirements of the concrete batching plant: The small copncrete batching plant requires less operator and maintenance personnel. The large-scale concrete batching station has a complex structure, a high degree of automation, and high requirements for operation and maintenance personnel.

3. The operator should often make appropriate adjustments to the fitting clearances of the components of the concrete plant.

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