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How to Build the Foundation of Concrete Mixing Plant

How to Build the Foundation of Concrete Mixing Plant


For stationary concrete mixing plant, the foundation is very important for making sure the safety, but some customers always have questions on building the foundation for concrete mixer, especially a newer.

In fact, the foundation should be done according to the actual situation, must be in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturers to ensure the safety of the foundation. Size and depth should be in accordance with the drawings provided, the strength of concrete shall meet technical requirement in the drawing, as long as the basis of the elevation and concrete batch plant can be consistent with the ground.

So what should be noticed about details of foundation? Firstly, since dimension error between two foundations should not be more than 50mm, alignment work should be done according to technical requirements of concrete batching plant to capture datum point. When excavate foundation, on the one hand, center line of foundation should be reserved by rebar or peg; on the other hand, two center lines on one foundation should be on the same line and deviation less than 20mm can be allowed.

What’s more, bar-mat reinforcement is needed to be paved in the foundation of concrete batching plant and level gauge must be adopted to test level of concrete batching plant foundation.

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