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Considerations of Cement Silo Using in Winter

Considerations of Cement Silo Using in Winter


Winter comes, and maintenance of concrete mixing plant also brought to our attention, as cement storage device of concrete mixing plant-cement silo, due to the relatively simple structure enables many manufacturers ignored the maintenance of cement silo in the production process as well as reasonable cleanup method. Zhengzhou UNIQUE based on many years of production experience and user feedback summary of several points.

First of all, regular maintenance procedures required project maintenance, maintenance work, such as cleaning, lubrication, fuel, etc.

Secondly, the cement silo should be checked the controller is good before starting, shutdown after the water and stones into the mixing drum 10-15 minutes to wash, and pebbles out of the water. Operators must enter inside the mixing drum cleaning, addition to switch it off and remove the fuse, and lock the switch box.

Again, suppress with a sledge hammer hit clear the concrete accumulation inside the bulk cement tank, only with a chisel to clear.

Finally, in the cold season, clean the bulk cement silo by water after finishing work, and put the water in the water pumps, water tanks, water tanks, in order to avoid freezing. 

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