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How to Do If Cement Silo Rust

How to Do If Cement Silo Rust


Cement silo of raw material is steel, under the sun for a long time, rain erosion, the steel will rust, if you don't remove rust of cement silo, with the passage of time, will have a significant impact.There are too many safety problems, the need to take care of.

Cement silo tanks and leg in the usual use, frequently check, found rust, need immediate repair processing.Cement warehouse cleaning for cement warehouse maintenance is very important, often wash tank needs to be dry, prevent rust;If long time to wash, need to use detergent to clean, and in accordance with the cement silo cleaning standards to clean, pay attention to the details of the cleaning, dry immediately after cleaning.

Find rust, use neutral cleanser there is rust, and then use sand paper to remove rust, and dry surface, such as surface is completely dry, spray paint processing, to prevent rusting again.

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