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How to maintain the Concrete Batching Plant in Summer Time

How to maintain the Concrete Batching Plant in Summer Time


How to maintain the Concrete Batching Plant in Summer Time

1. Ensure the cleanliness of the equipment and surrounding environment. Due to the special circumstances of the concrete mixing plant, it must be placed outdoors all year round, coupled with the strong sunlight and heavy rainfall in summer, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment and reduce corrosion. At the same time, keep the surrounding environment clean and free from stagnant water to prevent corrosion and rusting of the equipment body of the concrete mixing plant.

2. Regularly check whether the motors and electrical appliances are overheated or abnormal noise, and check whether the indicator is normal. In summer, the temperature rises, and machine exposure and outdoors will inevitably react with the scorching temperature. Therefore, during the daily use of the concrete mixing plant, the motors and electrical components of the equipment must be regularly inspected. If overheating or machine noise or abnormal instrument indications are found, it needs to be dealt with immediately to ensure the production equipment Normal operation.

3. In order to prevent the residual concrete from solidifying and agglomerating and hindering the normal operation of the machine, the concrete mixer and the discharge hopper should be cleaned every four hours, and regular inspections should be done to ensure the efficient operation of the production equipment.

4. Perform regular maintenance and repair work on the equipment of the concrete mixing plant. If the blades and liners are found to be worn, they need to be replaced as appropriate. The transmission gears should be checked regularly, and grease should be applied appropriately to extend their service life.

5. Regularly do the lubrication and maintenance work of equipment bearings, reducers and other parts. The summer wind is dry and easy to dry. To a certain extent, the lubrication of the machine can not only resist the dry weather but also prolong the service life of the equipment. When using lubricants It should be noted that the lubricating oil level of the air compressor must be kept at the upper line of the oil mark during operation. When the oil level is below the lower line of the oil mark, new compressor oil must be added (compressor oil No. 19 in summer and No. 13 in winter). ), it is strictly forbidden to work without oil.

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