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How to measure the concrete produced by a concrete mixer

How to measure the concrete produced by a concrete mixer


After the concrete is produced, it is necessary to make measurements to check whether the concrete produced meets the standards. So, how should the concrete mixer to measure the production of concrete, it also requires some methods and techniques.

In the measurement of large concrete mixing stations, the optical waveguide and CCD camera used in the optical measurement method of large concrete mixers, in order to describe the mixture based on different colors of particles, each of which uses image analysis. This detection method in the Internet there are some manufacturers of video introduction.

In the work of the concrete mixer from the drum within the sampling, in order to complete the sampling, the concrete mixer has a purpose of short-term measurement of the concentration distribution. Our detection method therefore depends on the concentration of the measured field and the distribution of the mixing efficiency is not sampled by the image analysis method by the camera to record the mixing time throughout the mixing process in order to determine the mixing efficiency.

This method of inspection of concrete mixers offers the advantage that the entire process of concrete mixing can be clearly recorded and can be completed on the concrete mixer testing.

Do a good job on the measurement of concrete work to see whether the production standards, this work is critical, do not meet the requirements to re-production, can not be lost.

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