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HZS50 concrete batching plant

HZS50 concrete batching plant



The HZS50 concrete batching plant produced by Unique Group has the following advantages:

1. The mixing host and aggregate lifting mechanism use the JS1000 twin-shaft forced mixer, which has powerful mixing, high efficiency and good quality;

2. Modular structure, the installation and relocation of the entire site are very convenient;

3. The PLD1600 batching machine is used for aggregate batching, with accurate measurement;

4. The ingredients of cement, water and liquid admixtures are all measured by electronic scales, with high accuracy;

5. The water supply system uses the siphon water pump pressurization principle to speed up the water flow and spray evenly. This structural principle has been nationally recognized.

Product description:

1. Aggregate batching system

The HZS50 concrete mixing station uses the PLD1600 concrete batching machine, which is composed of a feeding mechanism, a weighing system, an electrical control system and other components.

2. Mixing system

The mixing host of the HZS50 concrete mixing station uses the JS1000 twin-shaft forced mixer, which can mix fluid, dry-hard, lightweight aggregate concrete and various types of mortar. The mixer has reasonable structure, good mixing quality, short mixing time, energy saving and low noise.

3. Measuring system

The HZS50 concrete mixing station metering system consists of a cement scale, a water scale, and an admixture scale. The main function is to complete the batching process of cement, water, admixtures and other materials.

4.Screw conveyor

LSY series screw conveyor is a device that uses a rotating body to continuously transport materials in a closed cylindrical cross-section shell. The equipment adopts the internationally advanced universal feed port, making installation more convenient.

5. Cement silo

Cement storage silo is a container for storing bulk cement. It is composed of cylinder, rack, ash inlet pipe, dust collector, material level meter, discharge door and other parts.

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