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Introduction of HZS120 concrete mixing plant

Introduction of HZS120 concrete mixing plant


UNIQUE HZS120 concrete mixing plant is with modular structure, the whole installation, very convenient moving, and low equipment cost.

HZS120 concrete mixing plant adopts double-horizontal-shaft forced type concrete mixer js2000, mixing good quality and high efficiency.

Aggregate adopts PLD3200 batching plant machine ingredients, accurate metering and high production efficiency.

Cement, water, liquid admixture ingredients are made of electronic balance measurement, high precision batching.

Water system of concrete mixing plant adopts water pump pressing principle, so that water flow accelerated, spray evenly.

Aggregate feeding adopts belt conveyor, long life and high efficiency. 

Main components of the electric control system of concrete batch plant is made of imported, reliable performance, convenient operation and use of concrete mixing plant, printing features, air conditioning.

All scales are made independent measurements of concrete mixing plant, a scale and a table, improving measurement precision.

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