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Double shaft forced type concrete mixer

Double shaft forced type concrete mixer


1. The concrete mixer is double horizontal shaft forced type, with the features of short time mixing, fast unloading, mixing evenly and high productivity etc.

2.For dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete, can achieve good mixing effect with reliable quality.

3. Cr-hard cast iron blades and plates provide faster mixing and longer service life.

4. Multi-combined sealing by imported components, avoid the cement and slurry contacting the shaft end, extend the service life of the concrete mixer.

5. Adopt the famous international and domestic brand planetary gear reducer, which enjoys the features of small size, high efficiency, and reliable quality.

6. Overweight design, excellent shock absorption.

7. Hydraulic pumps control the discharge gate, with the three points to stay and manual open gate device.

8.Centralized lubrication system uses powerful 380V motor, can quickly inject lubricant to the shaft head.

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