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Introduction of two compound water well drilling rigs

Introduction of two compound water well drilling rigs


One is to add an impact mechanism on the basis of the rotary drilling rig, which is mainly used for rotary drilling. When encountering a pebble layer, the two-water well drilling rig is used for impact drilling, which is highly adaptable to various formations.

The other is a water well drilling rig that combines impact and rotation, such as a pneumatic down-the-hole hammer drill. The down-the-hole hammer drill is composed of a cylinder liner and a piston. The high-pressure air provided by the air compressor drives the piston to reciprocate up and down, impacting the bit to enhance the ability of the bit to drill into the rock formation. At the same time, the drilling tool rotates at a relatively low speed of 35-60 rpm. The air discharged from the upper and lower cavities of the piston enters the drill bit and carries the bottom cuttings out of the wellhead. The air-driven down-the-hole hammer water well drilling rig can be used for drilling deep wells in hard rock formations. The drilling speed is high and the drilled hole is relatively straight.

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