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New Generation of Concrete Batching Machine Structure

New Generation of Concrete Batching Machine Structure


Concrete batching machine is used for a variety of materials, such as: sand quantitative distribution automation equipment, which are mainly used in the concrete construction industry, to replace the artificial scales or volume measurement method, with high precision, high efficiency of distribution, high degree of automation, is fully automatic concrete batching plant one of the main parts of the equipment.

New generation of concrete batching machine structure:

Zhengzhou UNIQUE concrete batching machine is composed of three main parts feed system, weighing system, and electrical control system.

(1) Concrete batching machine feed system: composed of storage hopper and feeding device, the main function is to store material and feeding under the control system. Feeding system of the form: PLD800-1200, belt conveyor feeding;

(2) Concrete batching machine weighing systems: weighing system is a key part of the concrete batching machine, make up of hopper, suspension devices and weighing system sensor, controller and other components of ingredients.

(3) Concrete batching machine electrical control system: concrete batching machine electrical control system is the core component of ingredients, its function is to achieve the whole weighing, display, operate and complete a variety of automatic batching procedure. Concrete batching machine batching control apparatus and circuit system is mainly composed of two parts.

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