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JBS40 Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump Was Exported to Indonesia

JBS40 Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump Was Exported to Indonesia


UNIQUE Group has exported another set of diesel concrete mixer pump to Indonesia successfully in May, 2021. Until now, we have exported many sets of concrete pumps to Indonesia, including trailer concrete pump and concrete mixer pump. Customers in Indonesia usually chose to buy a large capacity concrete mixer pump to apply for their construction projects.

In general, any customers who purchase our concrete pump can get concrete pumping pipes about 100m for free.

Indeed, the large capacity concrete mixer pump is suitable for large construction projects, such as high-rises buildings, large bridges, long tunnels, and other big construction items. In addition, the concrete pump is powered by diesel engine, which can work under various harsh environments. Equipped with remote control device, it can be operated easily. Therefore, it is deserved to be invested for your construction.

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